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Hockey Tournament Demo


Welcome to The Hockey Tournament Manager.  We have packed this online hockey tournament service full of features to make it easy to add to your website, easy to administer, and easy for your users.

We are currently working on some of the display/layouts for tablets and smartphones so you may see some displays which are teamporarily out of alignment.

Some of the features include:

  • online team registrations
  • online roster submissions
  • multiple division / age group tournaments
  • online stats for scoring and goal tending
  • team / division standings
  • upload or manually enter your tournament schedules
  • arena locations
  • view schedules in draw format or table view



Hockey Tournament Manager easily integrates into your existing website.  You only need to add a couple lines of code, which we provide to you,  onto one page on your website.  In this demo version, the header above the main menu would be your own website, then the content in the middle is the Hockey Tournament Manager, and the blue footer at the very bottom of this page would be the footer of your website.

We have added some demo content so that you can see how the Hockey Tournament Manager runs and looks.  Use the menus to navigate to to the Male AAA 2001 information.  This is a small 4 team tournament but you can view Teams, Rosters, Schedules, Stats, and more.

All functions, data storage, and system files reside on our servers so you don't have to worry about maintaining code or databases.

Everything is managed through a user friendly administration panel, secured with a username and password for your use only.

Pricing for the Hockey Tournament Manager System:

    $100 per year with ads running in footer
    $200 per year with NO ads

Contact Us for Promotional Pricing now in Effect!

Ready to add our Hockey Tournament Manager to your website?  Call us at 306-371-4595 or email use at

We would be happy to help you get started.